BHO Extraction Tubes

CaliExtractions supplies BHO extraction tubes and other oil extractor tubes to meet most of our customers’ needs. From the hobbyist who is first experimenting with BHO extraction or essential oil extraction and the small business owner using the BHO extraction tubes to get the best oil for their products, to a full-scale production facility utilizing the best, most efficient equipment, we supply custom and standard oil extractor tubes to just about everyone in the business. Whether you are looking for small BHO extraction tubes for your own use or a triple extractor to work with high volumes of BHO, you can find all of the devices you need online at CaliExtractions.

CaliExtractions is Northern California’s most trusted, reputable and reliable supplier of BHO extraction tubes and oil extractor tubes. We carefully design all of our extraction tubes so they are safe, easy to operate, durable and produce high-quality oils. We also work with our customers to design new tubes for their individual needs. Whether you are looking for a high-production model, an extractor to optimize purity, an extractor to fit into a small space or something else entirely, our specialists will work to create a solution.

Browse our selection of BHO extraction tubes and oil extractor tubes to find the right equipment for your needs. If you are looking for something specific or you can’t find what you are looking for on the market, contact us and we will work to design a custom model for your needs.

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