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18 Inch Aircraft Aluminum Exterior Pan Extractor (300 Grams)

Aircraft aluminum extractors! These are used for solvent extraction of essential oils from a variety of plants. This type of tube, which is made of aircraft aluminum, is the extremely reliable and much stronger than glass.

This tube is 2.5 inches, outside diameter, and is 18 inches in length. Also, this tube holds up to 300 grams of material. The stand that comes with this extractor, sits outside of the pan so that your material will not get contaminated. By sitting outside the pan, your base will not come in contact with your material at all, ensuring a clean and quality product. This is one of the most innovative extractors you will find.

Your purchase of an 18" extraction tube and exterior pan tripod stand will include:

(1) Powder coated, exterior pan tripod base, that will support over 100 lbs. of pressure (for a hands free extraction and high quality material)

(1) Lab grade rubber stopper with 3 mm hole (for solvent application)

(1) Stainless steel hose clamp to secure mesh on the end of the tube

(4) 50 micron 316 surgical steel mesh screen filters, cut into 4"x4" squares

(1) 2.5 inches outside diameter, 18 inches in length, aircraft aluminum 300 gram tube