Carbon 3 Pack

Summit Research has gone above and beyond to provide each customer with the top of the line carbons.

The future of carbon filtration is here. No more searching low quality under performing cheaply sourced product. Step into the revolution in lab filtration with the package designed to reduce your output bandwidth in your load flask. We are working with all USA made materials and with the largest supplier of carbon to ensure quality and consistent delivery of each product over and over. Our composition quality exceeds all food processing standards.
Carbon powder is 100% organic and requires basic respiration for safe handling. Summit carbon chunks are 100% organic and also require respiration, however we have sourced a pre-activated and washed 99% DUST/POWDER FREE carbon.
This carbon is non toxic, free from heavy metals and 100% natural, without any activation with hard chemicals like peroxides, hydroxides, fluorides, phosphoric acids etc….

1x 5 gallon carbon powder A general decolorization and abatement of unwanted compounds
1x 2 gallon carbon chunks small B aggressive sulfur and sulfite removal
1x 2 gallon carbon chunks medium C aggressive pesticide reduction. Not entire removal.