Terpene Distillation Kit

The Lab Society Terpene Distillation Kit is a high-quality, easy to use, and affordable way to extract low boiling point compounds such as terpenes.  Utilizing an external steam generator or nitrogen, gas is pushed through a fritted down stem which has the option to be submerged in water.  This percolation effect causes the gas to cool down before rising towards the biomass flask.  Once fully energized, the gas carries the low boiling point compounds through the distillation arm to be condensed within the Graham condenser.  Condensed liquid is then caught in a distilled water-filled oil/water separator or a separatory funnel depending on set up, The fractions can then be separated via their relative density’s.  The Nitrogen set up must use the Vertical Vacuum Take Off Adapter in conjunction with a LS Separatory Funnel and  a Vacuum Pump for proper function!


This terpene distillation kit requires a recirculating cooling device to cool the Graham Condenser; couple this unit with the Lab Society Recirculating Condenser Kit (LS-BTK-4P) or any recirculating chiller, as always the colder you can achieve the better chance of condensing volatile compounds.*

Nitrogen kit requires the use of vacuum which is not included.*

System Specifications

Steam Reservoir Size:4.9 Liters

Material Reservoir Size:5 Liters

System Requirements

Cooling for Graham Condenser: Pair with LS-BTK-4P, C15, or any recirculating chiller

System And Electrical Parameters

Glassware: Meets ASTM specification E438, Type 1, Class A, and is made from Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran glass

Steam Generator: 1500 watts, Two thermal protectors


Steam Generator: UL Listed 2B64

Glassware: Meets ASTM specification E438, Type 1, Class A, and is made from Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran glass

What’s in the Box?

LS Flow Control Adapter

LS Lab Pad, 4"

LS Separatory Funnel-60 ml

LS Vertical Vacuum Take Off Adapter, GL-14

LS Round Bottom Flask, 2L, 2-Neck Angled

LS Biomass Flask, 5L

LS Oil/Water Separator

LS Graham Condenser

LS Steam Injection Port Tube

LS Distillation Arm

Hollow Hex Head Stopper

Support Clamp, 2 Prong Cork Lined, Bosshead (3)

Boss Head, Right Angle, Premium (4)

Retort Ring, 10cm ID

Keck Clip, Metal 24/40 (5)

Keck Clip, Metal 45/50 (1)

Keck Clip, Plastic 14/20 (1)

Ring Stand, 10" x 6" Premium (2)

Steam Generator SS77

Silicone 5/16" ID Tubing (5 ft.)

Filter Paper, Medium 12.5cm

Beaker, Griffin, 1000mL

Glass Vials, Amber 15mL (4)

Steam Generator SS77