Lab Society G2 Executive Short Path Distillation Kit (5L)

Specifically designed to increase production capacity, the Lab Society Executive 5 Liter Short Path Distillation Kit is a comprehensive answer to increasing production efficiency along with product availability – without sacrificing quality.

Utilizing a custom five (5) liter stirring mantle system, the Executive 5L short path distillation kit allows the user to perform full distillations on batch sizes up to 3000mL* in similar run times as smaller systems.  This is possible because the 5L flask features two (2) Lab Society Distillation heads running simultaneously to more than double** flow rates comparatively to single-headed systems.  This complete system includes all stands, clamps, hoses, connectors, and accessories necessary to perform distillations efficiently and with ease.  The system also includes material transfer tools, cleaning tools, and extra setup parts to allow the user to configure the system to fit their laboratory’s needs.

In addition to ease of access, the 5L short path distillation system also utilizes a J-KEM temperature controller for process control. This unit is compatible with J-KEM’s KEM-Net freeware (download link: which allows the user to easily control the unit from a windows-based PC while utilizing datalogging, ramping programs, and/or I/O alarms.  When paired with the 5L-Specific LSVapor Temperature Monitoring Kit (LS-VTK-D), the user can utilize real-time graphing/logging of both of the distillation heads and the boiling material temperature on the same screen and graph.  Not only does this allow for future automation and programming of temperature ramps, but also eases the use of the 5L short path distillation unit.

System Specifications

Batch Capacity: 2500mL (approx. 2750g dewaxed oil)

Optimum Capacity: 800-1500mL

Absolute Max. Capacity: 3000mL (approx. 3300g dewaxed oil)

Batch Duration: 4-8 Hours (Estimated) Batch Durations are dependent upon primary extraction method, pre-processing methodology, and material composition.

Benchtop Size: 30” x 38” x 30” (not including pump/trap/circulator)

Options for Distillation Heads: V1, V1 Silvered, V2, or PDH-1

American-made Glassware and Controllers

System Requirements


Pair with: 2070B-01, 3081-01, nXDS10iC, RV5, RV8

Min. Ultimate Pressure: 150 micron/mTorr

Free Air Displacement: Min. 5 cfm, Max. 12 cfm Modified configurations may utilize 12-20 cfm (utilize at own risk; we are not liable if issues/damages occur)


Pair with: LS-CTK-C, T40, T80

Manual: Dry ice with isopropanol or acetone; immersion or Dewar style

Mechanical: Maximum -40C; Lowest Possible Temp. is recommended.

Note: If a vacuum trap is approx. -100C (-150F), oxygen can condense to a liquid under deep vacuum pressures. This can create potential explosive situations. Lab Society does not recommend running vacuum traps at or below these temperatures.


Pair with: LS-BTK-4C, LS-BTK-8C, MA-4, MX07H135

Min. Temperature: 32C

System And Electrical Parameters

Heating Mantles: 1050w, 9 amps, 115V

Max. System Temperature: 260C (PTFE/PFA Temp. Limit)

Stirring Motor: 29w, 0.22 amps, 130V

Speed Range: 100-1850 rpm

Vacuum Monitoring: 15W, 100-120V

Range: 0.7 mTorr to 800 Torr


Heating Mantles: CSA / NRTL

Controllers: RoHS / CE / NRTL (Constructed with 100% UL and CSA listed parts)

Stirrer: CE / CSA / NRTL

Vacuum Gauge: RoHS / CE / NRTL

Glassware: Meets ASTM specification E438, Type 1, Class A, and is made from Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran glass

What’s in the Box?

LS Distilling Head (2)

Glass Immersion Thermometer for Head (2)

LS Distribution Adapter (2)

250ML Receiving Flask (2)  

500ML Receiving Flask (2)  

1000ML Receiving Flask (4)

5L Three Neck Round Bottom Flask  

5L Specific Stopper

5L Heating Mantle System  

5L Top Heating Mantle

Dual Output Temperature Controller  

Thermocouple (2)  

Lab Stand (3)  

Retort Clamps (2)  

Lab Jack 8 x 8 in. (2)  

Chain-link RBF Tool w/ Adapter  

Powder Funnel  

Heat Gun  

Vacuum Grease  

Immersion Heater/Circulator  

Submersible Water Pumps (2)  

All Hoses and Connectors