800mm Filter Trolley Sambo Creeck BABF800

This is a complete filtering funnel similar in application to a laboratory Buchner Funnel, mounted on a trolley.  You can filter solids, waxes, carbon, clay, etc... with these filters.  Filter in minutes what you would normally do in hours.

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Holds 4 gallons of crude per batch, 40 gallons of 10:1 Solvent:Crude, 2+ gallons of wax.

This is a Polypropylene molded plastic filter trolley.  This machine is tough, durable and almost indestructible (it's basically one solid piece of plastic).  PP is impervious to Nitric, Hydrochloric and similar acids so it will easily handle Ethanol, Isopropyl and any solvent you can throw at it. 

This machine comes with an included diaphragm pump which does the job of sucking the filtrate through the filter, so NO VACUUM PUMP REQUIRED.  The pump can handle acids, bases and alcohols so no special care is needed for this pump.  NO COLD TRAP REQUIRED.  This is a pneumatic pump so there is no risk of sparks, this means you must have an air compressor to supply this machine with compressed air.

Filter paper is placed over a removable grate, a seal is then placed around the filter to prevent leaks.  There is 0% chance of leaks.  This takes a few minutes to install and even faster to take apart.  Add your tincture and begin filtering.

This machine completely dissembles so is easy to clean. 

It comes mounted con casters, so it is easily movable.

Diameter: 800mm (31.5 inches)
Height Minimum: 550mm
Material: PP
Compressed Air Pressure: From 4 to 8 bar
Absolute Pressure Minimum: 0.2 bar
Compressed Air Pressure Consumption: From 150 to 420 l/min (14.8 CFM)
Recommended Compressor: 5HP 17.9 CFM at 100 PSI
Capacity: About 84 Gallons Total
Made in Italy


  • FDA Food Grade Materials
  • Will not crack under extreme cold
  • Safe to use with almost all organic solvents, except Pentane.
  • Filter grate will not warp over time
  • High R Value (Insulating Materials)
  • Huge filtering capacity
  • No Vacuum Pump required
  • No Cold Trap required
  • Explosion Proof.  No source of sparks. No explosion risk.
  • No ASME Certification Required
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Cheap filter paper
  • Leak proof filter paper installation with reusable gasket
  • Filter out carbon, clay, wax, etc...
  • Lid helps minimize evaporation
  • Properly balanced, won't flip over
  • Easy to move, mounted on casters

We are an official authorized distributor for all the Americas for this product.  These are custom modified for our industry.