SC Filtration 800mm Trolley Filter Paper

Filter paper for your 800mm filter trolley.  Comes in packages of 100 sheets.  Paper diameter is 760mm.

Ahlstrom references:
  • Grade 631 / 10 Micron / White Smooth / 200 mls/min / 12 g/hr

Rapidity calculations are based on laboratory conditions using a specific barometric pressure, distilled water at a specific temperature, and a specific surface area with "X" amount of water over the paper as it filters by gravity alone.  This data gives us a comparison from one paper grade to another and is not indicative of how fast your specific solution will filter.  The "Max Output" field basically tells you the maximum amount of distilled water you could filter given the different size filter paper you are purchasing.  Filter paper is usually the bottleneck of the process, since our pumps can do 26 gallons per minute.  Carefully analyze the data above to set your filtration expectations correctly.